Kite Festival: each first sunday oct.

Since 2002, it has become a tradition to hold the Wolders Kite-flying Festival on the first Sunday of October. This is a wonderful event for all ages.

The festival features various demonstrations, and of course, you can fly your own kite, preferably one you have made yourself. I’m sure there’s someone in your family who can help you make a kite. It’s not just great when your kite is in the air; there’s also a chance to win a sightseeing flight over Waalre!

Wolders 2024 Kite-flying Festival

What will we do? Contestant tickets will be handed out at the Wilderen children’s center in September. The contestant ticket can also be colored in. You can win a prize for the best coloring. The contestant ticket also contains two credit vouchers. Please hand in this ticket and the vouchers on kite day. Use one voucher to get a free kite, and use the other voucher to get a free snack.

Demonstrations and Attractions 

This day is made possible by the cooperation of many organizations. For example, there will be a performance by the dance group DEDE, and Youth Harmony will also be performing. There will be flight and kite demonstrations. During the day, you can also enjoy folding paper airplanes and enter a contest to see which paper airplane flies the farthest.


There are some really nice prizes to be won. Try to keep your free kite in the air for as long as possible, as the judges will also be considering these kites. There is also a prize for throwing paper airplanes. 

Tip: Practice at home to fold the best model airplane. Browse the internet to find the best techniques. The first prize for a homemade kite is a sightseeing flight over Waalre.


In principle, the kite festival will always take place, even in bad weather or if there is not much wind. In recent years, the event has only been canceled a couple of times, so check Facebook for the latest news.


  • 12:30: Get a free DIY kite kit with your voucher. Practice flying your kite in the meantime, as the contest starts at 15:00.
  • 13:00: Official start of the kite-flying festival.
  • 14:00 – 15:00: Super demonstrations! There will be various flight demonstrations, including birds of prey. There will also be a dancing demonstration by DEDE and a performance by Youth Harmony. The kite shop “Vlieger Op” has a nice surprise.
  • 15:00: Paper airplane throwing contest. Fold your own airplane and enter the contest to see which paper airplane flies the farthest.
  • Until 15:30: Launch your kite at the kite field. The judges will look for the most beautifully decorated kite, the best-made kite, and the kite that stays in the air the longest. These are all good reasons for you to win a prize.
  • 15:30 – 16:00: Prize-giving and closing.

General information

Organisation:“Vereniging voor de Jeugd” (Youth Association)
Location:At Waalre’s well-known kite field (behind the football fields of RKVV Waalre) and also on Facebook and Instagram.
Date:Sunday, October 6, 2024
Time:12:30 until 16:00

Contestant ticket/colouring in page.

These tickets will be handed out at the primary school. This includes a voucher for a free kite as well as a voucher for a free snack. The colored-in ticket must be handed in on kite day.

Frequently asked questions:

– How can I win a SIGHTSEEING  FLIGHT over Waalre?

Make your own kite. You can ask anyone for help, for example, by watching YouTube video clips. It’s fun to make a kite. Launch your DIY kite at about 15:00 on kite day. Expert adjudicators will judge these DIY kites.

– I live in Waalre, but I’m not at the village primary school. Can I take part too?

Yes, you can also get a DIY kite kit. Print your own voucher, just click this button:

– Why is the VvdJ organizing this day with many free activities?

All members of the VvdJ are volunteers who love Waalre’s church village. They enjoy meeting each other as villagers. All VvdJ activities are geared towards fostering community spirit. We also organize events for King’s Day and Sinterklaas, and distribute Paosmikken (Easter loaves) on Maundy Thursday. In winter, if it freezes, we try to create an ice rink, and we always enjoy being part of village celebrations.

The Verenging’s income is mainly derived from the annual funds collection held in November. The VvdJ has the status of a public benefit organisation (ANBI). The income and expenditure are published annually on the website.

VvdJ Bank Account: NL89RABO0155701592